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The Best Sex Positions for Short Women

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Ever heard the saying “we’re all the same height in bed” and promptly called bullshit? Do you have a partner who is adorably compact compared to you or crane-your-neck taller? Height differences can be a slight obstacle to navigate in the bedroom — especially when you and your partner are playing with more pronounced distance. But, real talk: when have you ever seen a short girl let height get in her way?

Penetrative sex positions in closed spaces like showers or cars might not always be your bag (never say never — but it’ll require gumption and creativity to keep everyone satisfied) and you may never feel the love for positions where you’re standing or doing some flamingo maneuvers with a view of your partner’s chest and little else. But one of the most fun parts of exploring new positions with your partner is experimentation and finding the ones that sing to your particular bodies, moods and tastes.

When your partner’s blessed vertically in ways that you just plain aren’t, there are a host of sex positions that make the most of your short and sweet bod. Here’s a few of the best sex positions for short women that we’d recommend:

You Wanna Be On Top?

In this house, we’re particularly big on going full Lady Godiva when the mood takes you there. First of all, riding is fun and taking on a top-side position is a great way to remove height obstacles and give a shorter partner a bit of control and power. There’s plenty of ways to execute this depending on the view you or your partner wants, but the basics are: have your penetrative partner lay back (or settled into a chair), climb aboard straddling their penis or penetrative toy, enjoy.

As you go, you can control the depth of penetration while also paying attention to other erogenous zones within reach. Ride on!

Embrace All Surfaces

Tables, countertops, tall beds, stair landings, particularly comfortable porch furniture — whatever surfaces are at your disposal — can be wonderful ways to level the playing field when you’ve got dramatically different heights.

The key is to have the penetrative partner standing with comfortable access to all the fun areas — and the partner being penetrated can rest comfortably with hands available for toys or added DJ-McClittles action.

With a solid power stance, you’re in a great position for thrusting and grinding with purpose.

Li’l Spoon

You can’t go very far in the sex position discourse space without hitting someone raving about the spooning position. This MVP has everything — intimacy, comfort, control, the ability to take turns being profoundly lazy, sweet neck kisses and G-spot stimulation while keeping your hands free for other activities. It’s not surprising that it’s a fave for partners of all heights, shapes and sizes.

Just lay on your side, slotted together like the cute little cutlery pairing you are and have the penetrative partner enter from behind. You can also control the depth of penetration depending on how you bend your legs.


Have you heard the good word of your bedroom savior the sex wedge? While it looks like an awful body pillow your mom bought you from Linens and Things, it’s actually a super low-key tool for accessing all sorts of positions with some super comfy support. Use it to get better access and entry or for getting a satisfying new angle or view without straining anything.

When laying back this allows a partner to tilt their hips up for deeper penetration and, for shorter people, it’s a few more blessed inches to make doggy more attainable. It’s a great tool for getting more creative with what you and your partners’ bodies can do.

The Best Sex Positions for Short Women

Image: Liberator/Adam & Eve.

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(This one from Liberator is a favorite, combining their wedge and ramp for twice the fun.)


Cuddly as heck, the lotus position sounds much more contortion-y than it is. If you want to gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes (and not their chest or neck or knees) with ample room for kissing, playing with each other’s hair or just vibing.

Simply, straddle the penetrative partner and wrap your legs around their waist and your arms around them like a sexy little koala and find a nice rhythm. As always, you can always modify with your legs kneeling over your partner, arms on a headboard or wall for a bit more power.

Partners of all sizes and shapes can find new and exciting ways to enjoy themselves and each other in the bedroom. It just might take a bit of sexy creativity to find the right moves — but, who are we kidding? The discovery is sometimes the best part.

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