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Here’s When Every ‘Winning Time’ Episode Will Hit HBO Max

It was April 2020 when a television series about basketball took the world by storm. The Last Dance was airing on ESPN. It was less than a month into the Covid-19 pandemic's early stages, and sports around the globe had ceased to exist. We were no longer able to enjoy the NBA's alley-oops or MLB's walk-off home runs. The last dance was a relief.

Winning Time on HBO,produced and hosted by Adam McKay is the most popular show about basketball since The Last Dance, and comes at a very different time in sports. The NBA is still in full swing, despite the fact that there is no baseball happening due to a completely avoidable lockout. This was caused by the selfish and stubborn MLB owners. The Lakers and LeBron James are struggling. Now is the time to reflect on the Winning Timesstory. It's the story of Jerry Buss, who first purchased the team and drafted Magic Johnson. This changed the culture of one the most beloved teams in the league.

The cast of Winning Time is 100% stacked. And right at its center is John C. Reilly who plays Buss. McKay has been a part of Reilly's past work--he starred as Buss in Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. His charismatic charm and personable demeanor make him a great choice to portray the man who transformed the Lakers into the perpetual winner they are today.

winning time hbo release schedule

Winning Times shows that not everything was perfect. Behind the scenes there was drama, chaos, and some pretty entertaining chaos. All of this happens within the show. Reilly is not the only cast member you know. Sally Field and Jason Segel, Adrien Broody, Jason Clarke and Rob Morgan are all familiar faces. McKay, who also produces Survival, one of HBO's most popular shows--would like to continue his winning streak at the prestige cable company.

The show is available on HBO and HBO Max simultaneously. Once you get hooked, you will know where to go for more.

When will the next episode Winning Times air?

Hulu's next episode of the Dropout will be available on Thursday, March 10, at 3:00 AM EST.

Watch Winning Times online at HBO Max

How many episodes of Winn Time are left?

The season is eight-episode and all three episodes are available on Hulu. This means that there are only two episodes remaining in the season. The next two weeks will see the episode drop once per week.

Here is the Winning Times: Release Schedule

Episodes are released on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. EST

Episode 1: Available now streaming as of March 6,

Episode 2: Streaming March 13

Episode 3: Streaming March 20

Episode 4: Streaming March 27

Episode 5: Streaming April 3

Episode 6: Streaming April 10

Episode 7: Streaming April 17

Episode 8: Streaming April 24

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